For Mobile hosting plan

Forget about the limits! We offer you unlimited disk space, so you will never need to delete any file. Disk Space No Limits!
Another reason why our offer is great - you don\'t need to worry that one day you will reach your monthly data transfer limit - it\'s simply unmetered. Data Transfer No Limits!
Any available domain that ends with .com / .net / .org / .info / .eu / will be registered for you free with any web hosting plan purchase. We will renew this domain every year absolutely free too! Free Domain For Life
Dedicated IP address helps your website to rank higher in search engines. It also allows to install dedicated SSL certificate. Dedicated IP Address
Most hosting companies will list your private information such as home address, phone or email on the public domain WHOIS database.. Never again - with you have an ability to hide your personal details in domain WHOIS. With this feature enabled no one will know who is the registrant of the domain name, so it enables the maximum privacy protection for you. Domain Privacy
We can setup private nameservers such as, for you. Combine this with domain privacy protection and you will have a completely anonymous hosting Custom Nameservers
Not satisfied in our services? We will issue full refund in 30 days after first payment. Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
All hosting packages are paid on an annual basis Annual payment
We don't have any setup fees or hidden charges. No Setup Fees
In case of any server problem, our custom build software alerts staff immediately, all problems are fixed in a matter or minutes or even seconds, so you don\'t even have a chance too discover your website down. Uptime Guarantee 99.9%
Need instant assistance? Use Live Chat and get professional help at the time you need it. Support by Live Chat Chat Now!
  Supported Features
MySQL databases allows you installing content management systems, forums, image galleries, etc. MySQL Databases No Limits!
Work with your databases from anywhere. Remote MySQL access allows you to connect to MySQL from your computer or any other server Remote MySQL
Administer and manage data in MySQL databases via your browser using easy phpMyAdmin interface phpMyAdmin
Can\'t decide which version of PHP you need? We support both at the same time. PHP 5 with PHP 4
Run your Perl and CGI based scripts without restrictions. Perl / CGI Support
Ruby On Rails is fully supported here. Ruby On Rails
Need to perform some complex tasks via command line? SSH access allows you running advanced queries and server commands easily SSH (Shell Access)
Website Building Tools
Want to build a website, but have no HTML knowledge? Our easiest to use website builder allows you creating and managing website online without having any experience in website building Simple Site Builder
Need something advanced for your new website? Add Photo album, Guestbook, Ads news, Newsletter, Blog or FAQ module or in a click of mouse Advanced Site Builder
Let the visitors to share their comments with you using this simple guestbook. Ready GuestBook
Track your website statistics using visitors counter. Visitors Counter
Automatic banners rotator enables easy creation and management of various advertising campaigns. Banners Rotator
Install 2 different forums (phpBB and SMF) with single mouse click. Forums Autoinstaller 2 Different Forums
Install 3 different blogs with single mouse click. Blogs Autoinstaller 3 Different Blogs
Automatically install over 12 different PHP and Perl based portal scripts. Portals Autoinstaller 12  Different Portals!
Photo Galleries allows to shared your pics in a simplified way. Galleries Installer 3 Galleries Available
The huge collection of PHP and Perl scripts comes with Fanatastico Auto-Installer. Other Scripts Over 50 Scripts Available
Ability to create unlimited email accounts. Unlimited mailbox size POP3 Email Boxes No Limits!
Enterprise level email service. No limits. SMTP/IMAP/Webmail
You can use autoresponders to send a message back automatically to anyone who sends an email to a certain account. Auto Responders
Mailing Lists Mailing Lists
SEach incoming email have to pass 3 spam and virus filters before it is delivered to your mailbox. Result is 99.9% of junk mail blocked. Spam Protection
Forwarders allow you to send a copy of all mail from one email address to another. Mail Forwarding
Control Panel
CPanel is a fully featured web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. Latest cPanel
Fantastico is a system designed to make installing popular scripts easy. A huge collection of 50 scripts are ready to install Fantastico Installer
You can create unlimited subdomains and assign different FTP accounts to manage them. Subdomains
Display the same content on many different domains using this feature. Parked Domains
This feature allows you to host multiple domains with the same web hosting account (each domain can have different content, databases, email, FTP accounts, etc). You can host <b>unlimited</b> differed domains on the same hosting space and control panel! Addon Domains
Setup unlimited FTP accounts, assign different folders for each user. FTP Accounts No Limits!
Anonymous FTP allows enabling anyone to download files in special folder without authentification. Anonymous FTP
Protect important directories with password, so only authorized users can access them. Protected Directories
Work with your files online from anywhere by using web browser window. File Manager
Redirect website visitors from one location to another automatically. Redirects
Don\'t like standard error pages? Create your own error pages for different situations. Custom Error Pages
See website statistics like number of visitors, search engine visits, popular keywords, and more. AWStats
Automate complex tasks using cronjob feature. Cron Jobs
Making important changes for your website? Generate and download site backup instantly to protect your work. Instant Backups
Publish website by using Microsoft FrontPage extensions. FrontPage Extensions
Mime types tell browsers how to handle specific file extensions. For example you can set the file to be parsed or PHP or HTML Manage MIME Types
Prevent specific IP addresses from accessing your website. IP Deny Manager
Manage / Add / Remove / Install SSL certificates for your website. SSL/TLS Manager
Prevent other websites from linking to your files directly. HotLink Protection
Prevent other websites from linking to your files. Leech Protection
Install thousands or Perl modules for your account. Perl Module Installer
Install most popular Pear modules on your website easily. Pear Module Installer
All our customers enjoy professional support and assistance 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Experienced support team is always ready to help you! 24/7 User Support