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After the expiration of the first year,
you only pay for our Web Hosting Business Hosting Plan in the amount
of $19.99 per year.

Additional web site it is possible to make according to your request of price per page is $5 per page

Entering basic data in the database do yourself or we can do that instead of you at a cost of $5 per side of A4.

Warranty period is 60 days from the day of your email confirming that the presentation is completed and placed on the Internet.

Corrections on the side of the beplatno the warranty period.

Price corrections beyond the warranty period are shown in the table below

text to 5 lines on A4 page.  free
text longer than 5 lines on A4 page. $5 on A4 page.
Appointment of additional image $2
per image.
Changes in the database $5
per database
Change the entire design $50


1. Free domain
2. UNLIMITED storage space Hosting
3. UNLIMITED data transfer
4. Design Internet presentation is in English with the following page:
4.1. Home Page
4.2. Products and Services
4.3. About Us
4.4. Contact
4.5. e-Shop
5. Administration and Control e-Shops from the Internet

Marketing and Internet Marketing

Conventional forms of Marketing Your obligation as you can but do not have to use, so what will you advertise your web page to the next Conventional forms of marketing:

- The Internet and email in the header of all your documents
- The internet advertising on TV, radio, newspapers

Internet marketing is a special form of marketing, what you get from us is

- Sign in to top 10 Search Engine
- Optimization and adjustment on your part so that as many ranked Search Engine
- META tags optimization

Only for 24hours and For mobile hosting plan